Farhan (Ali Waris) Vol 2012-13

  • 01 Jo Nabi (S.A.W.W) Ka Nhe Wo Khuda Ka Nhe
 01 Jo nabi)s.a.w.w) ka nhe wo khuda ka nhe Download mp3 (5.02MB)
  • 02 Karbal Tu Piya Likhda
01 Jo nabi)s.a.w.w) ka nhe wo khuda ka nhe Download mp3 (3.31MB)
  • 03 Haye Baba Ujhar Gai Zainab (S.A)
05 Haye baba ujhar gai zainab(s.a) jo muhafiz tha Download mp3 (3.73MB)
  • 04 Chaand Muharram Ka Nazar Agaya
06 Chaand muharram ka nazar agaya Download mp3 (3.88MB)
  • 05 Haye Ali Asghar (A.S)
07 Hae ali asghar(s.a) nannha sa ak sar Download mp3 (2.99MB)
  • 06 Maa A gai Hussain (A.S)
08 Maa agai Hussain(a.s) Download mp3 (3.67MB)
  • 07 Wae Abbas(A.S)
09 Wae Abbas(a.s) Download mp3 (2.86MB)
  • 08 Soldier Of Imam(A.S)
10 Soldier of Imam(a.s) Download mp3 (2.16MB)

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